5 Steps to Create A Custom Designed Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the spaces within the entire home, which is left unattended or given the least priority. But designing the bath aesthetically could really tie a bedroom, closet together which would ultimately upgrade the look of the entire masterbed suite. The motto here is to create an inspiring bathroom which is elegant as well as pleasant to use!

To create a customized bathroom it is necessary to combine both style and design in a practical manner yet break the standard bathroom concept plans that are common in residential projects. Though renovating bathrooms to create a customized one can cost quite a bit, but blending outstanding quality products with budget friendly bathroom design ideas can really turn out well and will suit one’s personality and need perfectly.

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Here are quick 5 steps pinned down to get inspired from, for those homeowners who are planning to create a custom designed bathroom.

1. Plan The Budget To Set The Layout

Since, modern bathrooms can range in price, and can be expensive it is essential to set the budget first and plan accordingly as the customized version of bathroom design would completely depend on the individual’s wants and needs! For instance, if the design revolves around the ‘his and her ‘’ design concept, then it is vital to create two separate zones under one space which requires double materials like vanities, sinks, shower heads and so on. Or maybe the homeowner would prefer an installation of bathtub.

Ones the budget is set, the designer could sketch out the space with ease. When it comes to remodel the bath it is necessary to pay extra attention on the openings, such as the windows and the door. For instance, for an installation of bathtub, increasing the size of the window would work, as it would provide one with a beautiful view of the exterior.

Since, adding or relocating these opening may affect the plumbing, so work on it only if the budget allows. Though these changes may add to your budget, but it is worth trying to achieve that perfect feel of luxury!

2. The Bling Effect – Time To Replace

Ones the layout has been laid on, it is time to repaint or install new elements, for the instant shine. It is advised to replace the existing faucets and sink as per the design theme. Additionally, changing the color is a quick easy way to give the bathroom a design boost. Same goes for the floor as well as the wall tiles.

Make sure to follow a concept design, since the design, color, theme all should blend in well.

3. The Feel Of Luxury

The customized bathroom can be designed both in a very simple or in a hi-tech manner. Incorporating amenities such as the whirlpool tubs, saunas, bidets, multi-jet showers, steam showers can transform any bathroom into a relaxing spa and increase the level of relaxation and luxury.

Also the addition of various built-in-drawers with adjustable shelves, racks, and hooks gives the bathroom a picture perfect look.

4 Accessorize The Bath

Accessorize the bath with the addition of various decorative items like vases and the candles! Even placing paintings, attractive bath mats and antique decorative mirror will work as wonder. These additions would not just bring in pop of color but also transform the mood of the bathroom instantly.

5. The Lighting

Introduce LED lighting into the bathroom design. Addition of these lightings in the cabinet will act as the bathroom feature. Though paying attention on practical lighting for shaving and applying make-up is important, it is equally important to focus on feature lighting. Make sure to add one dramatic focus light or introduce pendant light to maintain the overall luxurious feel created.

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