Every home needs a lit­tle makeover now and then. The out­side of your home is the first impres­sion for every­one who vis­its. Over time, you grow used to the way your home’s exte­ri­or looks, and new vis­i­tors may notice a tired look­ing façade even when you don’t. Here are sev­en sim­ple ways to refresh your home’s curb appeal with­out spend­ing a lot of mon­ey.


Pres­sure wash – A clean exte­ri­or looks brighter and fresh­er. Pres­sure wash the exte­ri­or or hire some­one to do so for you. Be sure to include the win­dows and clean the gut­ters out, too.


Paint the front door. Your front door should coor­di­nate with the rest of the col­ors on your exte­ri­or, but should not match the oth­er col­ors exact­ly. Choose a col­or that will pop and give your door a fresh coat of paint. Red is pop­u­lar, and goes well with many col­or schemes. A stained front door is anoth­er option that works well with many exte­ri­ors.


Mulch – Adding fresh mulch to your beds and around trees gives your yard a tidy appear­ance. To keep your beds look­ing fresh, mulch at least twice a year.


Plant some flow­ers. Of course, what and when you can plant depends on where you live, but a lit­tle addi­tion of col­or through annu­als and peren­ni­als can make a big dif­fer­ence in your home’s curb appeal. Choose plants that are low main­te­nance and that last a long time.


Replace worn acces­sories. Tired, dat­ed acces­sories like an old mail­box or fad­ed flag can make your whole exte­ri­or look a lit­tle depress­ing. Replac­ing these items with updat­ed ver­sions only costs a lit­tle bit, but makes a notice­able dif­fer­ence in how mod­ern your home appears


Main­tain the dri­ve­way and walk­way. Cracks in your walk­way and dri­ve­way make your home look in dis­re­pair. Fix­ing these instant­ly makes your home look bet­ter cared for.


Prune the shrubs. Some­times, we are the last to notice that we’ve let our shrub­bery get out of con­trol. Keep­ing shrubs pruned to a mod­er­ate size keeps pre­vents your yard from hav­ing that “jun­gle” look.


Of course, to keep your home look­ing its best, you need to tack­le the big items, like exte­ri­or paint­ing, and roof replace­ment when required, as well. How­ev­er, those big tick­et items only come along every decade or so. It’s the lit­tle main­te­nance and improve­ment items like those men­tioned above that real­ly keep your home look­ing in tip-top shape, so be sure to stay on top of these to ensure you have a house you’re proud to call home.

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