About Us


ToolBelt USA is a community comprised of home improvement professionals from around the country. It is a place where homeowners can go to get good and sound advice about home improvement projects and all aspects of the home. DIY, Home Improvement


ToolBelt USA was inspired by and created to fill the needs of homeowners, novice and seasoned DIYers to get the right information to make the right choices. The authors of our articles are professionals in their respective fields. Our goal is to present our information in a useful, practical, honest and unbiased manner. DIY, Home Improvement


ToolBelt USA is in it’s infancy. There are many more features to come, which we are all very excited about! We plan to introduce a section called “Ask a Pro”. This is where you will be able to submit a question about your particular project, and within a few days you will receive a reply from one of our Pros in that respective field. Our Pros will be vetted and hand-picked, to insure that the information you get is accurate and unbiased. DIY, H


In the near future, we will be introducing ToolBelt USA Local. This will be a place where you can find and interact with local professionals in your area. We are currently developing NJ.ToolBeltUSA.com and PA.ToolBeltUSA.com. We will be expanding into other states in 2017. DIY, Home Improvement


Our ultimate goal for ToolBelt USA is to be the go-to place for homeowners to interact with professionals, a forum for questions and answers. DIY, 


If you would like to contact us, you may email us at: Tools@ToolBeltUsa.com DIY, Home Improvement