Water Features For The Interiors – Bring The Splash-In

When it comes to the addition of water features within the interiors of any project, it is such an add-on that could change the overall ambiance instantly. They are gaining popularity due to the flowing water’s soothing sounds which have been associated with meditation that provides calmness, harmony along with a lot of flare and style to any room.

Since there are many ways to incorporate indoor water features according to one’s personal preferences, here are a few ways listed out for homeowners to get inspired from!

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The Types Of Indoor Water Features

The Fountains: A decor accessory that could be used as a striking focal point, the main reason behind the addition of water fountains is that it immediately draws the attention of the onlookers. Additionally, the soothing sound of the fountain will create a calming ambiance that can help anyone relax after a hectic day. Incorporate small table fountains with other decorative accessories to create a picture perfect look.

The Pools:

A must have addition for those who love entertaining guests and owns a larger space! A pool gives one to enjoy a snack or drink and also allows one to organize pool parties, which is definitely a great idea to impress the guests. The addition of a lighted pool fountain also helps in creating mood and the atmosphere one wish to create.

Yet another tip to incorporate water feature is the addition of an indoor pond surrounded by plants! Place a seating with warm colorful cushions around to create a perfect place to escape from the stress of day to day life.


How about the addition of fishes and plants that are waving underwater along with the sounds of bubbling water, and represents a mini version of the sea? This will not only help one to relax but also gives the opportunity to enjoy the time spend there. Even babies enjoy their time in front of an aquarium, since the color, the movement along with the water grabs their attention.

Also, it is an amazing idea to add an aquarium to enhance any part of the interiors as that focal point of that area, one chooses can be the aquarium itself.

Waterfalls (Water Wall, Water Curtains, Rock Waterfall):

The rock waterfalls are available in different styles and materials like the natural stone, veneer panels, concrete, fiberglass and so on. Waterfalls usually exhibit a natural look hence, it maintains the same textures of that of natural rocks. Whereas a water wall slowly cascades down water from the top of the wall. And the rain curtains are basically made with thin clear strands that run the water from the top of the unit to the water channels.

Types Of Fountains

Fountains are available in various sizes, materials, textures ranging from dramatic and rustic to the sophisticated ones! The three basic indoor fountain types are the tabletop, wall mount, and the floor fountain.

The tabletop fountains are best for the lobby area, living and dining area’s shelf or table. Also, these fountains are not that expensive compared to the other types. Combining the tabletop fountains with other home decor accessories and matching it well with the cabinet, where it is being placed, is a great way to create a perfect corner. Place a large abstract painting or a collection of a few wall art in a certain pattern, to complete the look.

Wall mounted fountains are best for smaller spaces. They can be mounted on any type of walls and are very easy to install with the help of a bracket system. Whereas as the floor fountains are perfect for large lobbies, hallways, entryways.

Since fountains are available in various materials, even trying out natural material is a great way to enhance the interiors of any home. Add fountains made of bamboo, stone, rock and place it next to the indoor plants to create an instant unique “Asian touch”. As fountains are available in different styles one could easily beautify and set homes in various design themes as per personal preferences.

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