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The kitchen design is not just about the cooking space anymore. It has got a lot of other roles to play as well. From a breakfast nook to a space where the family can spend time together, all these factors are being considered during a kitchen is being designed. Therefore, no matter whether the kitchen is small or large, the kitchen should be a functional one.

Since design­ing a large kitchen is quite easy com­pared to small­er ones, here are a few tips pinned down for small kitchen own­ers to fol­low.

The Clut­ter Free Kitchen Plan

No mat­ter whether the kitchen has just one sin­gle counter or par­al­lel coun­ters on either side, make sure to keep the kitchen counter clean all the time. A clut­ter free counter auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ates an illu­sion of more space.

Addi­tion­al­ly, tiny kitchens either have a sin­gle win­dow or a dou­ble win­dow. Nev­er block these win­dows to get stor­age units installed. Win­dows if giv­en slight atten­tion could just uplift the look of the over­all kitchen instant­ly. How about plac­ing a few vibrant col­ored planters with herbs in the kitchen win­dow sill ?

Col­ors — Pay Atten­tion To The Floor And The Back splash

The best and the eas­i­est way to enhance a small space is to pay atten­tion to the col­ors. Always opt light col­ored floor­ing and com­bi­na­tion of light yet vibrant col­ored back-splash­es. Com­plete the look by giv­ing stor­age cab­i­nets dash col­ors that match with the floor as well as the back splash. Using this tech­nique will liv­en up the kitchen.

Plan The Stor­age Units

With lim­it­ed stor­age area, it is vital to plan ahead what kind of stor­age space one would require more. Stor­age facil­i­ties with pull outs, draw­ers, shelves and so on are avail­able hence, plan ahead how much of these would be enough as it depends com­plete­ly on one’s per­son­al require­ment and usage.

Addi­tion­al­ly, the wall space if used in a good man­ner can be con­vert­ed into some­thing that doesn’t look clut­tered. For instance,  a few float­ing shelves above the counter and a unit above the refrig­er­a­tor could solve the stor­age issues to an extent.

Acces­sories The Kitchen

No mat­ter how small the kitchen is, hav­ing an accent is impor­tant as it makes the kitchen look inter­est­ing. How about dis­play­ing vin­tage bas­kets on the float­ing shelves or adding a drop leaf table with a fea­tured back­drop behind ?

Try out these var­i­ous ideas to make your tiny kitchen look per­fect.

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