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Those who own tiny homes would have def­i­nite­ly at some point con­tem­plat­ed on how to bet­ter use the space avail­able, and would have browsed around for sure shot ideas to cre­ate some­thing mag­nif­i­cent ! Since the bal­conies con­nects one with the nature, the val­ue of a tiny home’s bal­cony gets even more increased and it becomes a neces­si­ty  to turn the tiny bal­cony into the most loved corner.Here are a few sim­ple yet mag­i­cal ideas for the small bal­cony, pinned down  for home­own­ers to try out from.

Bring The Nature In

Since the bal­cony is small in size, get some plants along with rail hang­ing con­tain­ers and ceil­ing hang­ing con­tain­ers. Opt for con­tain­ers in vibrant col­ors to bring in an instant splash of col­ors right in the bal­cony. Make sure not to use the floor space for the planters, instead use the ver­ti­cal spaces avail­able around ! Even if there aren’t, you can do amaz­ing things to cre­ate some ver­ti­cal space by using trel­lis­es. This pinch of green­ery right in the tiny home gives the home­own­ers an oppor­tu­ni­ty to appre­ci­ate the nat­ur­al air and the light rays. An ide­al place to have  the morn­ing espres­so and pass some calm full time before get­ting start­ed for the day.

Fur­ni­ture Arrange­ment

A bal­cony fur­ni­ture place­ment can turn out to be a sim­ple process if a lit­tle bit of plan­ning is done before pur­chas­ing any fur­ni­ture. One  could spend thou­sands of dol­lars or can even set up the fur­ni­ture in a very lit­tle mon­ey !

Try using a soft mat­tress or cush­ions on the floor for seat­ing and it will instant­ly cre­ate a cozy read­ing nook. Sim­i­lar­ly con­struct­ing a fold-down Mur­phy bar, recy­cling old tires and craters would be just enough to cre­ate a col­or­ful great place for relax­ing with some drinks.

Play With Acces­sories

Set­ting up a bal­cony with­out gar­den decor acces­sories won’t make the space look inter­est­ing there­fore, it is nec­es­sary to add some spark to the design. Though the col­or­ful planters and the unique fur­ni­ture can pull atten­tion of the onlook­ers, it is equal­ly impor­tant to set up a focal point.

One could eas­i­ly opt to fea­ture a wall by paint­ing it in a bright col­or or by giv­ing the wall some tex­ture. Give the wall fin­ish­ing touch­es by exhibit­ing a wall art over it !  Or show off the small bal­cony by plac­ing clas­sic gar­den decor stat­ues, mini foun­tains that match­es and blends in well with the over­all design of the bal­cony.

Addi­tion­al­ly, make sure to add unique light fix­tures to give that much required fin­ish­ing touch­es to the bal­cony. Try­ing out these ideas in var­i­ous  bril­liant themes will help one to cre­ate a won­der­ful tiny bal­cony. - FREE Installation: Shutters & More
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