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No matter if the bedroom is small or large, the point is to create a space where one could relax. But when it comes to small bedrooms, it is vital to pay extra attention during the initial designing process itself. Placing furniture a lot more than space could allow in or go all the way to the minimal, either way, the tiny bedroom won’t be a functional one.


Hence, here a few tips smart tips dropped down for home­own­ers to orga­nize their tiny bed­room.

Pay Atten­tion To The Walls — Start Paint­ing

When it comes to inte­ri­or design­ing of a small room the first thing to pay atten­tion is on the walls ! Say big ‘’No” to the dark­er col­or palette as dark­er shades will only make the room look small­er. Opt for the col­ors of a lighter palette and to break the monot­o­nous feel, blend in two lighter shades togeth­er. For instance, a blend of beige along with banana yel­low will give the room a sub­tle yet a cheery effect.

Adorn The Win­dows

Light, cheery col­ors would make any tiny space look breezy addi­tion­al­ly, with the nat­ur­al light flow the inte­ri­or of the tiny bed­room can get enhanced instant­ly. Since the room is small and the wall space would be used for stor­age units, it would be best to embell­ish the win­dows as the focal point. As over­crowd­ing, the bed­room walls with dec­o­ra­tive accents would make the room just look over­done.

Acces­sorize the bed­room win­dow with trans­par­ent cur­tain fab­rics. Drape in var­i­ous lay­ers in light col­ors and cre­ate a pic­ture per­fect focal point.

Time For The Fur­ni­ture Plan­ning

Once the wall and the win­dow are all set, it is time to work on the place­ment of fur­ni­ture. And when it comes to the small bed­room, it is vital to use fur­ni­ture that can be used in mul­ti­ple ways. For instance, opt for a bed with an under stor­age.  Sim­i­lar­ly instead of pur­chas­ing a dress­er unit opt­ing a wardrobe along with a dress­er would be a smart idea. The point here is to use less fur­ni­ture around the room.

The Floor Space

As wall units could save floor space it cre­ates an illu­sion of open­ness. Hence, more the emp­ty floor space, the more space will look larg­er !  

One could either opt to go for an all bare floor or opt to use small rugs to sec­tion off a cer­tain cor­ner. It helps in cre­at­ing an illu­sion that there is enough area to be divid­ed. But make sure to use nat­ur­al mate­ri­als like jute that are flat woven and is light in col­or as this is the key to not make the room look cramped !

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