Vertical Garden For Indoors And Outdoors

A vertical garden is also known as the living walls or the green walls which are either attached within the interiors or the exteriors of any home and provides the space with an instant refreshing ambiance. No matter whether it is constructed on a wall or is free standing, these green walls are very much in trend as it can be built even in the tiniest of spaces.

Here is a detailed note on the benefits of green walls and how and where can it be constructed right inside the home. Get started by using these creative easy ideas this summer, to create a vertical garden right in your home!

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Know The Benefits Of The Green Wall

1. Aesthetic Value

When it comes to interior designing, designers prefer to equally concentrate on the aesthetic side of the design, along with the practicality of design since the aesthetic value of the design is what grabs the attention of the onlookers on the very first go.

No matter whether it is a residential or a commercial project, these green walls can turn any dull and drab place into something very alluring. Additionally, it is not so common to see a garden growing vertically, which would catch one’s attention quick!

2. The Power Of The Color Green

The psychology of colors and its role in interior design is a known fact. The color green not only gives any space a cooler effect but also gives the home a very nice colorful touch which could help in creating a soothing ambiance as well as bring the nature in. Also, the addition of these colors in the form of living walls especially during the summer will give the onlookers a focal point to look on and converse about.

3. The Eco-Friendly Solution

Plants improve air quality hence acts as a natural air filter that purifies the polluted air. Therefore, the construction of a green wall will help in improving the quality of the air in the environment. It also reduces the noise pollution to a certain extent and also acts as the natural air conditioner!

Know Where And How Vertical Gardens Can Be Installed

These green vertical living wall can be constructed anywhere in the outdoors and the indoors as a simple hanging herb vertical garden in the kitchen, or as a focal point wall in the living room, or even as a tiny vertical vegetable garden for the small balcony. And even can be constructed with ease in the patio fence, railing and so on.

How To Install The Green Living Vertical Wall

Since green walls are great for those with tiny space consider starting with small pocket planters! Use one alone or add a few to create various shapes to fit a space. A quick and easy way to hang the garden just like any wall decor!

For larger spaces like the living or the dining room walls, select a space to construct a frame, by taking into account the current aesthetics of the room, where the green wall is going to be constructed. The frame should be strong enough to take the weight of the plants. A plastic sheet should be attached to the frame to stop the water from leaking. The foundation of the plants is then laid on a fabric with an irrigation system placed above the sheet, for the plants to live and grow from. Grow whichever plants one like on these vertical gardens to make them as beautiful as one would like them to see. - FREE Installation: Shutters & More
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