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Book lovers do know exactly what’s magical about finding a fantastic book and a comfortable reading nook ! Whether an adult or a kid, both would crave for a peaceful spot within the home where one can sit and read peacefully. Here are a few fun and easy ideas been pinned down for these avid readers on turning any dull and drab corner into something inviting and cozy.


Look For The Per­son­al Space Around The Home

Com­fort, pri­va­cy, and light are the basic yet the most impor­tant ele­ments required to cre­ate a per­fect read­ing nook. The con­struc­tion of the per­fect read­ing space doesn’t always require a win­dow-seat or a clos­et, it can also be cre­at­ed by the just addi­tion of lots and lots of pil­lows ! But if in case one has the option to locate the read­ing nook, along with the win­dow, sky­light, it would be just per­fect ! All one need to con­sid­er is adding in sheers or win­dow treat­ments, to avoid the exces­sive glare of the sun­light.

The Fur­ni­ture Arrange­ment — A Step Towards Com­fort 

Once, the place is been select­ed add in pil­lows (floor cush­ion), bean bags, com­fort­able chairs or lounger as per space per­mits. Even the addi­tion of old tires would be a won­der­ful idea. All you need to do is get the tires paint­ed in vibrant col­ors and place some fur cush­ions to com­plete the look ! Or how about con­vert­ing an old cof­fee table into a seat­ing by plac­ing cush­ions ? As there are sev­er­al ways to cre­ate the cor­ner and the seat­ing with fur­ni­ture pieces already avail­able with­in the house, all one would need is some inspi­ra­tion to get start­ed with.

Adorn The Read­ing Nook With Accents

After the seat­ing arrange­ment is done, dec­o­rate around the seat­ing with cur­tains or canopies and add in rugs for that instant aura of warmth.  And the next impor­tant step is to get the light­ing right. Think of using a com­bi­na­tion of both the nat­ur­al light and the arti­fi­cial lights to ensure that the space look well designed dur­ing any time of the day or night. There­fore, though nat­ur­al light­ing is the best light­ing source, the addi­tion of either task light or a floor lamp to the space is equal­ly impor­tant and even a per­fect solu­tion for that dark cor­ner of the room. How­ev­er the addi­tion of any ele­gant trendy light fix­ture would also act as the focal point.

More­over add in a small table if the space allows to, or opt to get a wall shelf installed right next to the seat­ing to place the book col­lec­tion. How about cre­at­ing a quirky look ? All one need to  bring in is some vin­tage suit­cas­es and acces­sories to use them to store things.

Try out these tips in a qui­et spot in the house to sit and read unin­ter­rupt­ed, and  dive into the oth­er world of what­ev­er one is read­ing. Noth­ing is more com­fort­able than a per­fect­ly designed read­ing nook. Just one need to make sure to play with col­ors and tex­tures, get uphol­ster­ing done with coor­di­nat­ing fab­ric, to make the read­ing cor­ner look like a con­tin­u­a­tion of the room.

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