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This Article Will Give You the Proper Guidelines on How to Write a Perfect Seo-Optimized Article That Will Get Noticed by the Search Engines.

There are several things you need to truly understand before you start writing your first blog. You need to take the proper steps to ensure that you are writing an SEO-optimized article. Let’s start with a few fundamentals.

Think Before You Write!

Think hard about the message of your text. What is the purpose of your article, and what exactly do you want to tell your readers? Come up with a good topic, gather your thoughts, jot down some notes, and get to work!

Come Up With A Few Keywords

Keywords and the proper placement of them is paramount when writing a post blog! This is how the search engines will find what you are writing! Let’s say you are writing an article about “kitchen cabinets“. You may want to use the keywords “kitchen“, “cabinets” and “kitchen cabinets“.

Write down the structure of your post

Create a clear structure before starting. Here is what every post should have:

1. Post Title: This is how the reader sees the title on our website, and in a Google search. Make sure you use proper capitalization. I like to use sites like Make sure your keyword(s) are in your title!

2. Post Meta Description: This is very crucial in increasing the SEO ranking of your article! This meta description is simply a summary of your article. Make sure your keyword(s) are in here as well! Your post meta description cannot be longer than 156 characters (spaces included), so choose your words wisely!

3. Heading: This is the section right below your article's title. Make sure your heading is interesting and captivating! Your readers will decide whether or not they want to read your article after they read your heading. Again, make sure your keyword(s) are in here.

4. Paragraphs: Readability is very important here. You need to engage your audience, and they need to understand what you are saying. Use clear paragraphs that are not too long. Try to write short sentences, using no more than 20 words per sentence. Avoid using difficult words that are hard to read. Try using transition words, like “most important”, “because”, “besides”, and “therefore”. Transition words are like putting cement between your sentences.

5. Post Image: Your article should contain an image that is relevant to the subject matter. We have a few strict rules here! Do not under any circumstance use any unauthorized photo or image! There are laws against this, and you can get sued for doing this! Make sure it’s either your own photo, or a licensed image that you paid for. There are sites like or where you can purchase stock images. Otherwise, take your own photo.

6. Conclusion: This is where you will end your story on a strong and positive note! Think about your message and the lesson learned. What do you want your reader to do from here?

Optimize The Length Of Your Article

Make sure your article is no less than 300 words but no more than 700 words. Google likes long articles, but most people don’t! Keep it short and sweet.

A few more things you need to know about keywords

As a general rule of thumb, try using your keywords in about 1 to 2 percent of your text. So if your article has 300 words, you should mention your keyword(s) 3 to 6 times. Using your keywords too many times is considered “keyword stuffing” and the search engines don’t like that!

Here is a good guideline of where to place your keyword(s).

  • Post Title – 1 time
  • Post Meta Description – 1 time
  • Main Heading – 1 time
  • First Paragraph – 1 time
  • Body of Article – 3 to 10 times (depending on length).

The integrity of your content

Our main goal at ToolBelt USA is to provide people with sound, practical and honest information. We have a few simple rules about posting articles.

  • Make sure your content is original! Copying sections of other people’s articles is considered “plagiarism“. This also applies to using unauthorized images. Plagiarism means you are stealing or borrowing other people’s intellectual property without their permission. Plagiarism is illegal and we will not tolerate it!
  • You should be an expert about the subject matter you are writing about. Your content should be factual and accurate. Don’t write about something that you don’t really know much about!
  • Try to keep your articles unbiased. Even though your article will feature your company ad and links to your own company website, you should not be promoting your business in your article. You are simply sharing knowledge of a subject you happen to know a lot about. Your readers will be impressed with what you say, and many will even initiate interaction with you through our social media channels. Eventually you will gain some customers!

If you follow these simple guidelines, your articles will reach a larger audience, increase SEO rankings and eventually increase traffic to your own website!

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